Scratch Team,
I am a Cantoneser, which means a native Cantonese speaker, I've sent an e-mail to Scratch about this in Spring. However, until now, your team has not replied yet. I want to emphasize a point that Cantonese is not just a branch of Mandarin, not just has some different in pronunciation. There are differences between Cantonese and Mandarin, just like Spanish and Portuguese.
“一般人以為廣東話是方言,不需要有系統地學習,只要把普通話發音調整一下說出來,就可以變成香港人明白的廣東話。(Most people think that Cantonese is a dialect, and there is no need to study it systematically. As long as you adjust the pronunciation of Mandarin and say it, you can become Cantonese that Hong Kong people understand.)”
——《初學廣東話》(“Beginner Cantonese”)
, I don't deny that there are many similarities between Cantonese and Mandarin, but there are also many differences, just like Spanish and Portuguese. Cantonese is no longer just a regional language. It carries the culture of our Lingnan (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Hongkong, Macao) for thousands of years. And, to be honest, as a Hongkonger, a Cantoneser, it is really difficult to understand the so-called “traditional Chinese” officially translated by Scratch and the code is zh-tw - not to say that cannot understand, but to make people It feels weird. For example, the word project, in Hongkong, we will call it “項目”(hong muk), but in your zh-tw-“traditional Chinese” translation, is was “專案”(zhuan an). So, canScratch seriously consider developing a new, Cantonese version of Scratch and put this on the schedule?

This is our petition.







Dear Scratch Team:

Thank you very much for building the Scratch website and providing more than 30 languages ​​for users to choose from, making this meaningful platform accessible to most people in most parts of the world. At the same time, I am glad to know that more and more people from all corners of the world have registered as Scratch users in recent years.

However, unfortunately, Cantonese, a language full of features, is not available in Scratch. Although Scratch already supports traditional Chinese, considering that most of the translators are from Taiwan, and Taiwan and Hong Kong will inevitably have differences in grammar and vocabulary due to cultural differences, historical reasons and other factors, such as the word “project” in Hong Kong and Macau. It should be “項目” rather than “專案”. Users in Hong Kong and Macau may also misunderstand and cause a lot of inconvenience.

Therefore, it is strongly hoped that Scratch can include Cantonese as one of the selectable languages ​​- in addition to making it easier for native Cantonese speakers to understand, it will also help Scratch organize activities and promote in Hong Kong and Macau.

Hope Scratch will consider this matter carefully.

Scratch Cantonese user doujin

Springtime in 2022
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Hello everyone.
Cantonese is the official language of Hong Kong and Macau. Colleagues also symbolize the unique culture of living in Hong Kong and Macau.
However, Scratch has not yet added Cantonese as a language. Some native Cantonese speakers may want to use Traditional Chinese with language code zh-tw as the default language. This may cause inconvenience in grammar and vocabulary.
I strongly suggest that the Scratch team can consider Cantonese, so that users in Hong Kong and Macau can use Scratch more easily.
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I hope to submit a petition letter to the Scratch team after this event. We will discuss it on the following thread and look forward to your participation:


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So the Scratch team is still choosing to turn a blind eye and read it, just like the Hong Kong SAR government three years ago, right?


But ah, I've long been disappointed with the Scratch team, so I didn't expect too much.


@neilcui-edu Scratch is translated into many different languages by VOLUNTEERS, not by the Scratch Team.

The instructions for getting started with translating Scratch are shared in a pinned post in this forum. Getting all of Scratch translated into a new language requires a team of volunteer translators (A minimum of 3-5 people over 18 years old) as there is rather a lot to translate and review.

A petition to translate Scratch into Cantonese isn't going to have any effect if we still don't have any volunteer translators.