Eagle138 wrote:

Should a Scratcher be able to add their own projects?
Yes, they should be able to suggest them, but it should be auto rejected, and the timer (when they can suggest again) will be reset. However, the Scratcher that submitted this project won't know this. This will prevent people from thinking they can use alts to get around this.

Eagle138 wrote:

There will be a 2 hour cooldown for adding projects to prevent spam. New Scratchers will have a 12-hour cooldown.
I think it should be changed to 24 hours for regular scratchers and [unsure]](possibly) New Scratchers aren't able to add projects, or maybe they are just auto rejected.[/unsure] This will make adding a project to the CP much more valuable of a choice, and scratchers won't be able to rush and make any hasty decisions, allowing less, and therefore likely more deserving, projects to get on CP.


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