hey, sorry if this isn't allowed since it's not about scratch itself, but how do they work? do participants just remix with their solution? does it run by itself (host)? also, anyone have any open ones? (still accepting characters*)


Would you mind explaining what an object show camp is?


idek, that's what im asking-
from what i understand, it's some sorta “competition”? you sign up for it and maybe get accepted. then you (sometimes) get thrown into random equal teams and each “round” you get a new challenge. for some of the ones i've seen, you remix part 1 of each round and complete it in your own way. then idk the team who did it the worst(?)/didn't do it is up for elimination. people vote for the member they dislike the least for that object/character to be eliminated.
basically inspired by bfdi/bfb/those other things


Well, this brings me back…
Your second post basically got everything correct assuming stuff hasn't changed since 2016. Though most the ones I remember had people eliminated via doing the worst in challenges instead of a vote.


ah, k. tysm!