Note: A really long time ago - as in over a year ago - I pretty much gave up on Collaborations. The collaboration me and a good friend were working on, Pokeindustries, had been basically finished. Scratch School had been totally unactive (though FlippyCatFan, if I remember, has made another which is awesome). And so on. But Ima try again, and maybe it'll work! After all, it's been nearly a year before I did anything big-ish!

First of all, basically what this is: an animation making collaboration. I'm going to do the animating for now. But I need some drawers.. I know that dragonsilver and LizardLady2, a couple of good friends who know about Wings of Fire, are pretty good at drawing. Just don't know if I can convince dem to join this. Lol, I'll update this if either or both of them agree.

Next, and probably what your asking right now is “Who on EARTH are the Dragonets of Destiny?”, well then they aren't on Earth and if you don't know who they are don't participate in helping us out. XP

Yokay, next I need voice actors. I myself can't be because the only one I MIGHT be good at voicing is Starflight. And I'm not good at voice acting to people in the world. I'll update this when we've got some voice actors.

  • @ Clay: Clay is a MudWing (boy) and should be in many of the animations, if not all.
  • @ Tsunami: Tsunami is a SeaWing (girl) and, again, should be in many of the animations.
  • @ Glory: Due to Glory the RainWing (girl) being the Queen of multiple tribes - RainWings and NightWings! - she might not be in as many animations as the others. You know, queenly stuff. She's also unique, so I can't really replace her with anybody.
  • @ Sunny: Sunny the SandWing is likely to be in all of the episodes.
  • @ Starflight: Starflight the NightWing (boy), unfortunately be el ih en de, won't be in many of the episodes that require vision. AND SO, I INVITE..
  • @ Fatespeaker: I'm sure you all know this cool NightWing (girl)! She will be in mostly every episode that Starflight isn't in. Unless she's reading Starflight a book. XP

Did I forget to mention WHAT we're going to be animating? Whoops. XD
Basically, we're going to pick random things - technology or not related - that will be funny / interesting for the Dragonets of Destiny to “review.” They will check out, be surprised and amazed by, random things. Like the Sofa, or Minecraft.

So general stuff that is kinda to very important related stuff to this collaboration go here.

So.. yeah. Hopefully this stays active enough.


I'll join for Tsunami! I love Wings of Fire. You should bring out Morrowerser (Did I spell that correctly?) for an episode and then he gets burned into ashes.


DigitalFly wrote:

I'll join for Tsunami! I love Wings of Fire. You should bring out Morrowerser (Did I spell that correctly?) for an episode and then he gets burned into ashes.
Awesome! Tsunami will be a great character to voice. Also, I wooould do something like that, but honestly that'd make the owner of the Wings of Fire wiki kill me. Morrowseer is his favourite character, along with Whirlpool. ;P

Also, we should probably get the voice recordings done with because it's a very good voice recorder used for many things. And I think you can download sounds.

Finally, we can probably use my test test account example_user for this collab.. But how do I tell only the people who join the collab.. oh well, time to all make minecraftforum accounts. XD

EDIT: How do I tell only the people who join the collaboration THE PASSWORD.


I'm going to have to bump this a lot until this gets active, aren't I..

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I'll be Glory


Guess I can't join. I'm a …you know, dragon.


Can I join if this is still going on? I love the series! I'll do Fatespeaker or Sunny: can't decide!


whoever SealOfTheSevenSea's is, I can do the be the other!