I have had an idea for a long time now about an advanced scratch platform where there are more possibilities due to more advanced blocks, the community is more hardcore, the ‘anything a 7 year old wouldn’t be comfortable with' would be gone, possible compatibility with Scratch X, and a nice black and green theme to top it all off.
Tell me what you guys think



Rejected Suggestions wrote:

7.2 A 13+ version of the Scratch website or age-restricted content
Scratch is designed for ages 8 to 16, but any content shared on the website must be appropriate for all ages. Dividing the community by making a separate, age-restricted website would not be helpful. Potential restrictions from entering the website (such as a warning, or requiring a parent to answer math equations) would not necessarily stop an underage child from entering the 13+ website.

This suggestion extends to age-restricting anything on Scratch, such as viewing specific projects. As a general rule, content shared on the Scratch website should be appropriate for all ages.


If you wish for a more advanced version of scratch, I'd recommend Snap!, also previously known as BYOB (Build Your Own Blocks)




Sorry, looks like this is rejected. Keep up the good ideas though!