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pond4914 wrote:

does anyone knows how to download the program ???

Someone wrote How to download the Scratch 3.0 Program? Well today's topic is about that.
Please note that you DO NOT need a Scratch accout for the offline editor. And also, by using offline editor,
I am not pretty sure but you cannot backpack your stuff from the app to the online version, if I am right?

  • Select your device
  • Download the file / go on App Store, on Microsoft store or on Google Play

Note: By using Windows or MacOS, you can find older Scratch offline editors. Download one that is more confident to you.

Thanks for reading and sorry if it is short. Psst… I may have spelling mistaces. I have maybe wrote in not the good section

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I will accept all your replies and reply go them!
And note, i moved acc so I am nor rlly new.


Hi there! It's great that you want to help out! The New Scratchers forum, however, is for new members to introduce themselves to the Community. There's already a good amount of guides and intro topics here as it is. If you'd like, you could make the guide as a project and then tell others about it in the Show and Tell forum.