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Services we offer:

  • Debugging
  • Beginner Scripting
  • Beginner Coding
  • Mouse Trails
  • Bitmap and Vector Art
  • BBCode
  • Reviews
  • Advertising
  • Licky GIF (lol)
  • Banners
  • Animation
  • PFP's
  • Thumbnails
  • Sound
  • Translations
  • Voice Acting
  • Image Hosting

Future Services:

  • Advanced Code and Scripting
  • Aesthetics

-LostJourney- wrote:

Story for 40 Pages :

@lightningspark6545 our President has 18 letters in his name, we use the 6 = 18 divide 6 = 3 . There are 2 words in the shop's name ( ᒪIGᕼTᑎIᑎG ᔕTᑌᗪIOᔕ ) , 3 times 2 = 6 . We use the total number of letters in his name = 18 + 6 = 24. We use the number ‘ 4 ’ from his name and times the number of words in the shop name so : = 4 times 2 = 8. Then when @lightningspark6545 posted for 40 pages, I had 2 messages unread. So I use my 2 messages times 24 from here : ( We use the total number of letters in his name = 18 + 6 = 24 ) = 24 times 2 = 48. We use the number ‘ 8 ’ from here : ( We use the number ‘ 4 ’ from his name and times the number of words in the shop name so : = 4 times 2 = 8 ) and minus 48 = 48 - 8 = 40 Pages, there you go .


hopefully there aren't any counting mistakes….. By -LostJourney-

Founded by lightningspark6545 on 29/5/20
First reply other than me on the discussion by BestUsernameSoFar 29/5/20
Partnership with Clarineta 29/5/20
Help from DancingNekoGirl with BBCode and layout 29/5/20
Partnership with the Nougat Shoppe and SpriteSmasher Shop on 29/5/20
First Employee: Secretary - Flawpaw. 30/5/20
First Order: Anishram - Glitch Pack. 30/5/20
Bump Banner By XCat 30/5/20

Second Employee! 30/5/20
Joined Gobo's Choice, The shopping mall, and partnered with The Golden Shop! 31/5/20
New Services! 1/6/20
Partnership with The Oreo Shop! 1/6/20

I know it says 3/6/20 but it was a prediction. REAL DATE: 2/6/20 Achieved by Bookmaster51
1000+ VIEWS Amazing! 2/6/20
100 Posts! Not really an achievement… (thinks about all the bumps I did) 2/6/20
300 Posts! 6/6/20
20 PAGES! 11/6/20 Achieved by lightningspark6545

made by mee

31 Pages!!!! 18/6/20! Achieved by lightningspark6545 again…
9000+ VIEWS!!!! 24/6/20

40 PAGES!!!! 24/6/20! Achieved by ZeldaEevee
10K VIEWS! AMAZING!!! 25/6/20

51!!!! 49 TO 100!! LET'S GO! 29/6/20!
Achieved by xesszcool!

When you BUMP, use this BBCode


By xxHam_Sandwichxx from Buzzy Bee Banners

Key: * Strike | ^ on leave


President/Founder: lightningspark6545. Control over everything
Vice - President: crossme72. Almost complete control, cannot close down the shop or edit the posts. Takes over President in absence.
Chairman: totesme Almost complete control, cannot accept partnerships. Takes over Vice - President in absence
Advisor: DancingNekoGirl Gives bits of advice to the BoD. Organizes BoD meetings and Takes over Chairman in absence. Cannot fire or hire
Secretary: ZeldaEevee edits the unclaimed orders board. Cannot fire
Vice-Secretary: Bookmaster51 Bumps the topic and takes over the UOC and Secretary when absent
PR Officer: Flawpaw, manages everything related to public relations, can accept or decline partnerships.
Trainer: VACANT Trains the trainees. Cannot hire or fire.

Class S (Storm)

Manager: VACANT Complete control overall DEPARTMENTS. He/She has lots of experience.
2nd Manager: VACANT same as 1st manager. The more the merrier.
Head Of Coding Department:


Made by CraftGirl-HAS from The Craft Shop

Application Form

Activity 1-10:
What can you do? -
Why should we hire you? -
What position are you applying for?-
Have you read the terms and followed the studio? -

Order Form
What do you need:
Who do you want to do it
Other Details:

Leave Form
Why do you want to take leave? -
When are you going to start:
When you are going to end?

Customer Review Form
Who did your work?
Your satisfaction 1-10:
Any Suggestions:
Will you come here again?

Partnership Form
Position in the shop:
Shop name:
Shop Link:
Shop Banner:
Why do you want to partner with us?
How will it benefit us? -

Advertisement Form
What you want to advertise:


New Coder Bundle
The Best Bundle for newbies!
A Script layout for game of choice: Ping-Pong,Platformer Engine,Catch Game,etc.
A Lightning Studios Membership 1 Month (information on that coming soon)
3 Custom Sprites
1 Random Backdrop

Idea Bundle
This bundle ought to get your brain going
3 Random Scripts
3 Random Backdrops
3 Random sprite
3 Custom Blocks (Jump, Spin 360 degrees, and Flash)
2 Custom Sprites
A few ideas on projects

The Mascot Pack
Some Random Mascots to brighten up your day
3 Random Sprites
5 Custom Mascots

Glitch Pack
Some weird and fun glitches to try out in your project!
3 Random Glitches
1 Random Mascot/Sprite
Examples of Glitches:
Glitch Out
Normal glitch
Error screen
Glitch Animation

Retro Bundle
2 pixelated backdrops,
3 retro sprites,
some code and music

Do you want to become a member?
Simply fill in this form
Have you bought from us yet? -
Other shops you work at -
Have you bought any bundles?-
Disclaimer: You need 1 Thunder Token to purchase a membership for 1 Month


Services||Staff||Forms||Portfolio||Terms||Advertisements||Members|Partners||FAQ||Unclaimed Orders

The portfolio only holds the most recent orders. To see all of our work, go to our studio
To see our banners, go to our banner portfolio. To see our links to BBCode layouts,
go here. To see our reviews from review shops, click this

That was satisfactory beyond all comprehension! That was what I wanted taken to the next level! (I am not just saying this because I work here)
- FirecubeT reviewing -LostJourney-

glitterbug14 wrote:

I really loved my new banner!
@lightningspark6545 made it
Movable and it was excellent!
I give this 10/10 review!
And I will definitely come

Monkeylover200 wrote:

No quote, so… here's the review
Who did your work? Spritesmasher
Your satisfaction 1-10: 9
Any Suggestions: No
Will you come here again? Yes
Monkeylover200, reviewing Spritesmasher

Blurp2019 wrote:

Customer Review Form
Who did your work? Zobandzeff
Your satisfaction 1-10: 10
Any Suggestions: No
Will you come here again? Yes
Blurp2019, reviewing Zobandzeff

Glitch Pack:

Owl Order Bundle:

BBCode layout:

Glitch Bundle:
Mouse Trail: not finished

For FirecubeT
By -LostJourney-

For bananaandchoc1, again by -LostJourney-

For Arsxi_ again by -LostJourney-, LostJourney isn't our only banner maker ok.

31 pages by lightningspark6545



Come check out anishram's newest scrolling platformer!
Click THIS

The BEST SHOP EVER!!!! Go to The ✔✔{{{(>_<)}}}THE GOLDEN SHOP NOW!!!!!
Here is the link

The Houdini Shop is an art shop where you can get different types of art. Find the Houdini Shoppe at
Come down to the xXDuskLLamaxX08 shop! They will make your order in a flash!

Looking to Advertise? Well, you've come to the right post! 1 Thunder token to buy an advertisement slot! Fill in the form and your ad will appear for 1 week or more!


Services||Staff||Forms||Portfolio||Terms||Advertisements||Members||Partners||FAQ||Unclaimed Orders
Members are people that bought from us with THUNDER TOKENS
Color Code:
Gold: Bought Membership || Black: Normal || Red: Banned Customer || Blue: Loyal Customer

blu3coder - (30/5/20 - 29/6/20) - 29 Thunder Tokens
anishram - 9 Thunder Tokens
starpro89 - 9 Thunder Tokens
EVIL_GUY01 - 0 Thunder Tokens
Monkeylover200 - 14 Thunder Tokens
xXDuskLlamaxX08 - 29 Thunder Tokens


Made by anishram from the The Oreo Shop
Services||Staff||Forms||Portfolio||Terms||Advertisements||Members||Partners||FAQ||Unclaimed Orders
For workers
Be kind and patient
Do your work within the Timeframe that the customer gave
You must include the word cloud in your application form
Respond to activity check
Follow this discussion
If you violate a rule you get a strike
Be as helpful as you can
Improve the product if the customer is not satisfied
If you wish to take leave, fill in the form.
If you wish to claim an order, quote the order and say Taken!
Follow the official studio

For customers
No spamming
Describe your orders as precise as you can to get an accurate result
Be patient. Our Clouds are working as hard as they can
Be kind
You must follow this discussion so you will get notified {optional}
If you want, please fill a review form

If you can, bump using this banner

Made by XCat from Buzzy Bee Banners

B̶A̶N̶N̶E̶D̶ ̶C̶U̶S̶T̶O̶M̶E̶R̶S̶:


What Are Elections?

Elections are held when one of the BoD (except Trainer) resigns, gets fired, gets demoted, anything that leaves his/her previous spot in the BoD empty leads to an election. Workers will be able to make speeches and the rest will vote.Whoever gets the most votes will get the spot.

What does getting fired/demoted mean?

Getting Fired:
You will get fired when you get 3 Strikes (scroll down)

Getting Demoted
Getting demoted is when your position is lowered to a lower spot.
You get demoted when:
*You get 3 Strikes but the Lightning Council decides not to fire you
* You spam or break any rule
* You ask to be demoted
*You do not respond to 3 activity checks (not in a row)

What are strikes?
You get a strike when:
*You break a rule
*You do not respond to an activity check
How do I get rid of strikes?
*When the LS ( Lightning Studios) Council decides to rid you of all strikes
* 20 GoboBux to remove a strike
How do you get Thunder Tokens?
* When you respond to activity checks first, second and third
1st: 15 Thunder Tokens
2nd: 10 Thunder Tokens
3rd: 5 Thunder Tokens
*When you respond to an activity check 3 times in a row
*When you do jobs well
* When you partner with us, each of your members gets 10 Thunder Tokens each!
What is the LS Council?
A Group consisting of the BoD and 3 Random Members (with no strikes) that decides the votes and rules of the shop.
Whenever someone breaks a rule, a council meeting is called. The Jury will vote whether to (fire, demote, strike, etc.) or declare innocent.
What if you were called to the council for a hearing?
*You may use Thunder Tokens for a few advantages.
*You also may ask someone to defend you during the process.

NOTICE: Thunder Tokens are not our currency. Our products are completely free. Thunder tokens are used by workers to remove a strike,etc.
Customers use them for buying a membership and advertisements


This is what trainees have to do to get a promotion

Make random character for Oscile 19/20
Make Background for DancingNekoGirl 19/20
Make PFP for crossyroad13 | Step 1/3 Marks: 19/20
RazzleAnimations: Animate OC | Step 1/3
We grade the assignments by

Employees On Leave

ZeldaEevee,5/7/20 - 11/7/20 (possibly)
ContourLines, until further notice.
Spritesmasher, 18/6/20 - 25/6/20
-LostJourney-, 2/7/20 - 20/7/20




¢ℓαяιиєтα ~ | President: Nyanhamster102

тнє ησυgαт ѕнσρρє ~~ | President: DancingNekoGirl

The Spritesmasher Shop! | President: Spritesmasher

The Oreo Shop! | President: bananaandchoc1

XxDusk_LlamaxX08's Shop! | President: XxDusk_LlamaxX08

The Nature Shop! | President: lunastarckb

The Emerald Shop 4.0! | President: ppppie

⭐ Scratch Ultimate Coding Shop! ⭐ | President: Nambaseking01

TᕼE ᗰᗩᖇᐯEᒪ ᔕᕼOᑭ | President: Flawpaw

✧ clove's image hosting service ✧| President: clove-

✐ ~ The Aquarius Art Shop ~ | President: teecee3

The Houdini Shoppe | President: Monkeylover200 and totesme

Our Federations! We will only be joining 3!

GʅσႦαʅ GσႦσ'ʂ Cԋσιƈҽ ~|~ GσႦσ'ʂ Cԋσιƈҽ 2.0 ~|~ GʅσႦαʅ Oɾԃҽɾʂ Cҽɳƚҽɾ 5.0

The Shopping Mall


Username: DancingNekoGirl
Position in shop: Owner
Shop name: The Nougat Shoppe
Why do you want to partner with us? I love helping new shops, even if mine is also new. I also think this shop really is a good idea!


This ONLY displays the last 3 reviews

bananaandchoc1 wrote:

Lightning Studios Review
First Look (8.5/10):
The first thing anyone’s going to see is the title. It has a fancy font, which is a nice touch, but it is a tad small, meaning it may be easily overlooked. You could also add a couple symbols (e.g. ⬅️➡️✅✔️). However, the tag line really suits the shop.

I like the layout of the shop, but I think you could be more consistent with putting the same BBCode in your post titles, and you could remove some of the underlines, as it makes the text harder to read. Also, you probably shouldn’t colour the text yellow, as it is very hard to read.

It is good how you’ve actually linked Buzzy Bee Banners and CraftGirl-HAS, as not many people/shops actually do that! You could’ve linked xxHam_Sandwichxx too.

Members and Advertisements are a unique touch, which I like! Overall, at a first glance, your shop seems good!

Customer Service (9.5/10):
My order was taken within half an hour (considering time zones) which was impressive! It was then completed within around 10-20 minutes of it being taken. Some shops offer faster service but this was still good. When finished, I got a lovely message on my profile. My only criticism would be that workers don’t ask for customers to contact the worker on their profile if they need any changes. Maybe it was just the employee. Overall, amazing service!

Quality of Product (9.5/10):
I gave rather broad specifications, and my order was done rather well! I did not want anything changed, so I can’t really say anything about that, but my only tiny criticism is to add a border. I am very surprised by this

Overall (9/10):
I think that this shop has amazing potential, and could become really popular! As mentioned above, you could tweak the BBCode a little, but other than that, this shop is amazing.

Arsxi_ wrote:

Lightning Studios Review:

Title: 10/10- The title is unique because it doesn't use normal fonts.

Banner: 10/10- The title is displayed so it has visibility.

Availability of Staff (AoS): 9.5/10- It took less than 30 mins for my order to be ‘Taken!’ by someone.

Quality: 9/10- The only thing that is my problem is the banner size. Everything else was great!

Customer Service (CS): 8/10- It seemed like they were very busy. But they finished my order in less than 3 days.

Overall Experience (OE): 9.5/10- I'd recommend coming here they have good quality, CS, AoS.

cubbywindowsdpc wrote:

Review from Reputable Retail Reviews
Preliminary Inspection:
First, I'll take a closer examination of the topic title. It uses emotes AND a fancy font, which makes it really eye-catching amongst other topics in the Requests forum. However, I would advise using emotes with more colour in them, to get more wow-factor into your topic title. Now, let's look at the banner. Your shop banner is so professional, you can tell that a lot of effort has been put into it. I can't exactly find anything to improve on the banner, it's so good. Now, I'll review the formatting of your front page. You've gone for a user-friendly navigation pane and a front page split across many posts, which helps customers explore your shop. You've put your product type list on the main post, which is helpful to new customers, as it tells them what your shop can produce. You've also put your achievements list on this post, which is also a good thing to show off on first sight. As I look around your other front posts, I can tell that they're high-quality, although they could be spiced up a bit with the use of more emojis, fancy fonts, and coloured text. Your BBCode skills are great, although I wouldn't centre the whole post, especially the forms and the staff list. I'd also recommend putting the bundles with the services list on the main post. Overall, really nice first impressions right there!
Service (10/10):
Normally, I would only give 10/10 services to shops with instant delivery, but Lightning Studios makes an exception. I ordered later in the day, so the owner contacted me and said that they would be able to complete it the following day. After that, the order was completed bang-on schedule and was presented very well.
Product (8/10):
The product made for me was pretty decent! It was the employee's first time working with Canva and other image-creation software, and let's just say it's an awesome first-timer! It probably wouldn't make it to my profile, but I still applaud the talent of its creator greatly.
Overall (10/10):
This shop hits the mark perfectly! You can tell that it has grown substantially, and it deserves to, because it is so well built and high-quality. I'd definitely bring this shop up to customers wanting great service and products!


lightningspark6545 wrote:

DancingNekoGirl wrote:

Username: DancingNekoGirl
Position in shop: Owner
Shop name: The Nougat Shoppe
Why do you want to partner with us? I love helping new shops, even if mine is also new. I also think this shop really is a good idea!
Accepted! Thanks again
No problem!


Partnership Form
Username: look at my icon.
Position in shop owner
Shop name spritesmasher shop
Why do you want to partner with us?
because i would like to expand and diversify our shop's services.


Spritesmasher wrote:

Partnership Form
Username: look at my icon.
Position in shop owner
Shop name spritesmasher shop
Why do you want to partner with us?
because i would like to expand and diversify our shop's services.










Username: Flawpw
Activity 1-10: 8.5
What can you do? - Voice Acting, Drawing, Scriptwriting, Banners, Thumbnails, Uploading
Why should we hire you? - Because I'm an efficient employee, and I also have nothing to do.
What position are you applying for?- Secretary
Have you read the terms and followed the studio? - Yup!
Other: N/A