Hello I am making a game called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX (Beta) which is a fan game for the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series.

I have made Mobile Controls for Mobile Users
Now I am figuring out how to map some of the actions to the Xbox One/PS4's button mapping, since the D-Pad works with the Arrow Key Controls.

Can anyone help?


Hi! I know how to make a DS4 (DualShock 4, the PS4 Controller) work with Scratch.

All you need is:
DS4Windows, which can re-map the controls on the DS4 to a Virtual XB360 controller, or a Virtual Keyboard in this case. Get it {HERE}!

Once you set that up, you can remap the DS4 controls to the correct keyboard controls for your game.
(Also, I wouldn't use the arrow keys, I'd use WASD instead.)

Then, once you've set up the Controller Profile, navigate to where it is on your PC, then upload it to any file sharing site, so that others can download and use it. (make sure to put the link somewhere on or in your project, and make sure you shorten the link using bit.ly, and include a mini tutorial in the project for set-up, I'll make it)

And that's pretty much it. Though, as for Xbox controllers, I don't know if those could be re-mapped to a Virtual Keyboard.