hello. i am trying to create a retro game, but it seems i cannot get the game title to switch colours in a repetitive pattern. every time i close the tab, then re enter, it will either be completely invisible, glitch in and out of invisibility, or switch to the wrong costume. what i got it to do is when green flag clicked, switch to costume intro, wait 1 secs, then hide, wait another 2 secs, then switch to costume title, and forever change colour effect by 5. i don't know why that dosent work, and i have tried multiple different ways, like creating a block, but nothing seems to work. anyone got any ideas?




here's the link to my project:


What sprite is this in?


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It doesn't change color because the color effect manipulates the current color of the sprite. If the sprite is white, there is no color to manipulate. Here is a way to fix it:

- Paint the sprite red or any color other than white (make sure you paint it with saturation at 100 or else it will might look weird)
- Set saturation effect to 0%

When you want it to start changing colors, set the saturation effect back to 100% and it will work


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stop posting random stuff only post if its about the topic
No one has - I suspect you're reacting to the signatures which appear below their posts. There's a line between the post and the signature and if you quote them only the post will be quoted.