Hey, is there a way to stop a sound and start another quickly


when I receive [message v]
set [variable v] to [0]
stop all sounds
repeat until <(variable) > [0]>
play sound (number of sound) until done

when I receive [message 2 v] // change the variable in the sound block and then broadcast
change [variable v] by [1]
stop [other scripts in sprite v] // this might work without this, but I can’t test it right now
broadcast [message v]

The number of the sound should be equal to the position of the sound (the tiny number in the top left), not what the sound is named

So here’s how this might work in another sprite:

when green flag clicked
set [number of sound v] to [1]
broadcast [message v]
wait until <key [space v] pressed?>
set [number of sound v] to [3]
broadcast [message 2 v]

There might be a more easy or convenient way, but this is what I thought of first


ok, thanks for the help. Really appreciated