I recently ran an old project which had game data stored in a list as tab separated strings (easy to past in from a spreadsheet that way).
The project didn't run properly anymore!
Apparently some time in recent years, something changed within Scratch, and my loop to parse tab separated data broke because now 0 (zero) compared with the tab character is evaluating to True.

if <[0] = [	]> then
say [Yup!]

I thought maybe Scratch now considers strings containing only whitespace characters to be “falsey”, and 0 (zero) is falsey too, so - they're equal! But my test using a space character disproved that idea. So, I'm not sure what the underlying engine bug is, but 0 (zero) should not be equal to tab, unless it's also equal to space and empty-string, etc. (Zero is even equal to multiple tab characters!)

Pretty odd! Thanks for any insights - I'm curious!


Thatsa not good! try a dot instead of tab