My children and I are doing a project for a science fair and we really need to connect the Tello and the EV3 to Scratch 3.0. We have connected the DJI Tello drone to Scratch 2.0 and the EV3 to Scratch 3.0 but can't get them to interact. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.


@cmusic1, did you succeed to do it? Facing challenge in connection Tello to Scratch 3.


I'm sorry, but this is off topic. It should not be in New Scratchers. Perhaps you want the Connecting to the Physical World instead… I'll have a mod move it for you

I'm not familiar with Tello, but I am (a little) familiar with Mindstorms… I don't think Scratch code alone would be enough to get them to all connect. You might have to program both the EV3 and Tello as well…


I don't know how to connect my telo to scratch 3.0. I will try more.


I'm having the same issue and would really appreciate support as Scratch 2 doesn't work with it either on my raspberry pi