In Scratch 3.0, where can I find the “Duplicate” and “Delete” buttons, which were at the top of the screen in Scratch 2.0?

Dans Scratch 3.0, où puis-je trouver les boutons “Dupliquer” et “Supprimer”, qui étaient en haut de l'écran dans Scratch 2.0 ?


I believe that the ‘Delete’ and ‘Duplicate’ buttons are now replaced with right clicking and ctr c + ctr v.


i can’t seem to find the scroll for the backdrops in 3.0. do you know if others have this problem with a MacBook pro. i can only see one backdrop at a time and can not scroll.


@Rileycobra227 : Yes, I had found. Thanks anyway.


@LadyTurtle : Find what ? I don't unserstand