i been working on new game for nearly a month and scratch 3.0 broke it!
more information:
my game is a 2D color based game (it depends on color for boundaries and stuff) but after the release of 3.0 not only does my character ignore the wall, it doesn't even recognize it! I understand that 3.0 may still have some bugs and stuff.

also the color is darkened, but whether i change the color sensor to the original color or the darkened color it doesn't pick it up, so i don't know what to do, either it was a 2.0 glitch that wasn't supposed to work, or it's a 3.0 glitch, which would make allot more sense, since it has only just been released full term and was only ever tested in beta where nobody would ever make a large-scale project, thoughts?

when green flag clicked
wait (2000000) Years


just try and wait for it to be fixed
Before the website went down for maintenance, I downloaded some (well 1) of my projects


Same here. I've been working at it in 3.0 and it seems I can get some parts of it to work, but still haven't made it work 100%. It was super solid in 2. I read somewhere else that “hacked” blocks from older projects won't be supported, but I'm not sure what a hacked block is. I figured if the program let you do it, it was supported. I wonder if it points to bad design on my part, or if it's a bug in 3? I can't seem to find a way to get a direct answer anyway. I'll follow this one, hopefully someone will come up with something .

Side note, I also had some issues with some of the graphics I had grabbed from the library. There are quite a few things mentioned in other threads about unsupported graphics, but it's tough to want to read through 16 odd pages of discussion to pinpoint it, heheh.

Good luck!


just realized the forums need updating to, because the blocks are 2.0

OMG, I'M STILL 2.0!!!


The new scratch 3.0 isn't working for me. Does anybody know if this has something to do with having a chromebook, or just a glitch?


say [SCRATCH 3.0 IS RUBBISH!!!!]


Same,when I load it, it just flashes. Also, the backpack always crashes.


it dosen't load projects it plays the sounds but dosen't show me the project i don't know if it is somthing up with rasberry pi s' pls fix..
say [wait this dosen't work ._.]


When I load into “my stuff” on my chromebook it will sign me out and start glitching. Does anyone have a fix?


I made a game and for some reason it wouldn't load costumes so I can't update it. I ported it from 2.0 and it's broken

when I receive [broken ]
broadcast [ cry]


Work on game for 3-4 months. stops working THE DAY BEFORE I NEED TO PRESENT IT! I don't know why I ever bothered wasting my time with scratch.

when green flag clicked
wait until <need to present>

Scratch 3.0 didn't break it but it was the whole SCRATCH TEAM
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CodeOfKings wrote:

The new scratch 3.0 isn't working for me. Does anybody know if this has something to do with having a chromebook, or just a glitch?
I don't know. I'm using a chromebook as well and 3.0 isn't working for me either