[Ok, let's talk about google translate.
Sure, it has been made by google, so it is reliable IT IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT.

I can't translate without it, but I take everything it says with a grain of salt ((unlike some people smh..))
Look, It's not the best program to translate with. We all should know that by now.
So, when people use google translate to talk with others, uhhh… let's say it gets awkward.


What I put in: Hello, do you like memes?

What I got (Spanish): Hello, you like memes
What I got (french): Hello, do you like the same thing?
What I got (Hebrew): Hello, do you like the water?
What I got (polish): Hi, do you like memes?
What I got (Chinese simple): Hello, do you like meme?
What I got (Chinese traditional): Hello, do you like meme?

As you see, It's not always something that is anything like what you put in. Sometimes it isn't even making sense or coherent at all!
What I put in: Someone call Cor ie
What I get (Spanish): Someone calls for example.
What I get (french): Alguien llama por ejemplo.

Well, All I ask is that you PLEASE stop using google translate on scratch. Unless you want an incoherent mess of letters and a sad or confused person receiving the message that has been google translated, DO NOT USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE FOR ANYTHING SERIOUSLY. Well, I can't control y'all, but please use this software wisely.


Okay what should we use….


Shoot, Didn't think of that.


Use your mind And is a good translator too, but worse than a human ^^


ya have a pint.


What you should use is your own brain and a good dictionary