I have a question regarding running two large motors on the LM with Scratch and the extension for it.
How do I go about syncronizing the two motors?
Simply adding two motor icons in Scratch will not produce a car that runs straight forward.



Are you using an EV3 or We-Do?

The EV3 using the track mode gives you steering. The We-Do has no sensor feedback, so you cannot rely on a straight track


Hi! This should work with both EV3 and WeDo, but I used EV3:

I basically broadcast a message when the green flag was clicked. I put two When I Receive blocks. One controls the motor on the left and the other controls the one on the right. Both turn out moving at the same time. :-)

You can also try putting two When Green Flag Clicked blocks that control each motor. You don't really have to broadcast a message unless there's a lot of code between the start of the program and the part where you make the motors move, in which case it would be difficult to copy all the extra code.

Here's an example!



you have to use two When green flagged clicked, ther is no other way.