How many of you have played DayZ or State Of Decay or even the Fallout franchise and just wished things could be slightly different? I certainly have and despite how great those games are, i would like to create my own unique spin on the same style and I would like you to help me!

You play William Howe, the owner of a small farm that has been set up with the murder of a small girl by a government agency. Seeing no other way out, you decide to head for the border to seek refuge so you fake your death and pack your things up before making your way. Throughout the journey, you can choose whether you want to hide in the wilderness or avoid the dangers and head into small towns where you might get the help of others.

HIDE will be mainly text-based and will require you to think and evaluate your options carefully if you are to get out alive. You will face dangers from government agents, to wild bears to the cold nights of wild Minnesota. As it is very visual, i will need skilled artists and programmers to put everything together.

If i recieve enough feedback, i will set up a gallery and assign jobs/roles, if not, i'll continue alone and make slow progression but either way, you should see something of HIDE soon enough.