Im a new scratcher can someone try my games? i need opinions


Hello! Welcome to Scratch!
Feel free to chat with me on my profile!
I'll definitely look at some of your games later!


Hello. Welcome to scratch!


Hey, welcome to Scratch!


Hello, and welcome to this website we call Scratch!


Welcome to Scratch! Some tips for your journey:
Be kind. Seek help from the community, and help others!
You can always ask for help in the Help with Scripts and Questions about Scratch forums!
Remember the read the Community Guidelines, those will help you make sure you follow our rules!
(ugh sixty second rule)


Hello Janek, welcome to SCRATCH!!


How can I delete the post here?


OasisWI wrote:

How can I delete the post here?
Sorry, but you can't. I do believe that you can report your post and ask for it to be deleted.