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Today is the 21th Wiki Wednesday! This is the last Wiki Wednesday of the year!

Wiki Articles of the Month
These are the articles of the month:
日本語 (Japanese): Scratch 3.0
Scratch 3.0は、Scratch2.0の次のバージョンと勧告されている。“, Did you know:”Scratch 3.0のペンブロックは「ペン拡張機能」になる。
Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian): Siaran
Sebuah siaran adalah sebuah pesan yang dikirim oleh dan diterima oleh panggung dan sprite.

Deutsch (German): Grafikeffekte
Derzeit gibt es in Scratch 2 sieben Grafikeffekte, mit denen man das Aussehen seiner Figuren oder der Bühne beeinflussen kann, ohne neue Kostüme oder Bühnenbilder zu erzeugen.

English: Scratch Cat
The Scratch Cat is the mascot of Scratch and the default sprite when opening a new Scratch project.

Français (French): Le bloc “Aller à x:() y:()”
Un des blocs les plus utilisés dans les projets Scratch est le bloc “Aller à x:() y:()”, mais, connaissez-vous toutes les possibilités qu'il vous offre?

What is Wiki Wednesday?
On the last Wednesday of every month, we will highlight the Scratch Wiki and a few chosen articles in different languages.

What is the Scratch Wiki?
The Scratch Wiki is a collaboratively-written wiki available for free that provides information about the Scratch programming language and its website, history, and phenomena surrounding it. The wiki is supported by the Scratch Team, but is primarily written by Scratchers. The Scratch Wiki is a popular source of information for scripts and tutorials, and it continues to grow as Scratchers use it as their primary source of information. This could also include advanced articles for Scratchers around the world to build, share, and see.
(Source: Scratch Wiki)

There are Scratch Wikis in different languages:
Dutch (Nederlands) | English | French (français) | German (deutsch) | Hungarian (Magyar) | Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) | Japanese (日本語) | Russian (Русский)

Have fun exploring the wiki and happy holidays!

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Did you know…
… the Scratch Cat is a trademark of MIT and was drawn by Wing Ngan.
… qu'il n'est pas possible d'utiliser des blocs de mouvement pour le code de la scène? Eh bien oui, que voulez-vous faire déplacer?


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