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Welcome to the Help with Scripts (HwS) Forum! We are here to help you with whatever scripting problems you have! In this thread, Im going to post a multitude of information about posting in the HwS Forum! There are also a couple of guides about getting better help and such! Please click on the links to take you to the different sections! (They will be changed to buttons soon!) If you have a suggestion about another small guide that we should have, then let us know!

Forum Basics

Getting Better Help Guide

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Forum Basics!

What is the Help With Scripts forum?
This is a forum that's here for you to create a new topic, and get help when you have problems with Scratch scripts.

What should I do if I'm having problems with a script?
Don't be afraid; everyone makes mistakes! Here is a list of directions to help you get your problem solved!
1. When you're on the main area of the Help With Scripts there will be a blue button in the top-right with the words “New Topic”. Click it.
2. Name it something that makes sense. What if you're having problems with a jumping script? You would put for your title “Jumping Script Problem”. Try not to write your whole issue in just the title!
3. In the below area type what your problem is so the person trying to help knows what's going on.
4. Make sure you are using your best grammar so the other person understands you!
5. Add a link to your project, If you don't know how to use the “link” button (the chain symbol) then in the post area just copy and paste the URL (the top thing that says Make sure you get the whole thing!!
6. If your project isn't shared, then share it so people can see it to help you!!
7. Wait for someone to give you an answer!
8. Once it's solved edit your topic's title, and put at the beginning (Fixed) so people know you don't need anymore help!

Another way without making a topic is checking out some of the things on this!

What if I want to know how to make a certain script?
Follow the first two steps from above and then ask what script you would like to know how to make!

What should I do when helping a Scratcher?
Try follow these steps to posting!
1. Explain to them what's wrong, make sure you're being nice about it. Explain why it didn't work and what they should try instead.
2. Remix their project and fix their scripts up! Then you can give them the link after sharing your remixed project!
3. Make sure you use proper grammar so that they understand you! You want them to understand you.
4. Be nice, no matter how bad you think they are at Scratch be nice!

What if I can't help them?

Then don't post anything! If you don't have anything to add, don't say it!

What if I don't need help?
Help someone else!



How To Get Better Help!


In this guide I am going to show you how you should layout your scripting problem in the Forum so it will be solved with the least amount of confusion, and in the fastest amount of time possible. At the end, I will give you an optional template that you can use when stating your problems. I am going to divide this guide up to help you understand this well.


The Subject is the first part of your post so that everyone sees. It should tell them exactly what your problem is without going into too much detail. I would say that it should be no more than 5 or 6 words. Lets look at some Subjects and see if they are good or bad examples of what to write.


I need help on my project!

This is a bad example. It doesn't tell us your problem, but only tells us that you have one. We already would know that if you were posting in the Forum!

M4 $cr077!ng N0t W0rk!ng

This is an okay example. It tells us your problem, but it is hard to read due to the symbols being in place of the letters.

Scrolling Not Working

This is a pretty good example. It tells us what your problem is, without going into too much detail. It also is very easy to read and understand.


This is what people see when they open up the thread. This should be clear and concise, going it to more detail about your problem that you revealed in the subject. It should include the links to your project that is Shared. It should also have correct spelling and grammar. Let's look at a few more examples of what to write in this section.


{Link Here}

Not even close! If you had a good subject, we know your problem. But now, all we have is a link. We have no idea which Sprite or Script is messed up, or what the proper thing is supposed to do. We can only hope that the project is shared.

I need help with the Scratch Cat Sprite

Not such a good example. First off, what is wrong with the Scratch Cat? We may be able to figure it out based on the subject, but it is best to repeat your problem again.

The Scratch Cat moves across the screen to the right, but while turning it flips upside down. This happened in my project at {Link Here}

This is a pretty good example! It explains your problem clearly. We already can think of a possible solution. It also includes a link, which is hopefully shared. There is always even better ways to write the Text. I put one way in the template.


I hope you liked this guide! I hope that this taught you a lot about to get help very easily. One last thing: On the Forums, first impressions mean a lot. The nicer, the more clearer your posts are, the more we are likely to help you. Now onto the template!

(If you have any questions or problems with this guide, post them below. I cant help you with any scripting problems here. Post those in the Forums.)


The following is a template that I recommend using when you ask for help. Just copy and paste it onto the Text area where you edit your post.

Hello! My username is (Username) and I need some help with my (Project Name) project. The problem that I am having is that (Problem). What (Problem Object) is supposed to do is (Proper Execution). The link to my project is (Link). Thank you in advance for helping me on this project.




This guide was made by customhacker and MathlyCat. We spent a long time on it and hope that you really like it. We thank you for all your suggestions and help in making this amazing!



It's a good guide - but I'm not wild about the name as it uses an acronym that is not all that obvious and is not defined previously. Perhaps just “Welcome to ‘Help With Scripts’ (HwS)” ?


Paddle2See wrote:

It's a good guide - but I'm not wild about the name as it uses an acronym that is not all that obvious and is not defined previously. Perhaps just “Welcome to ‘Help With Scripts’ (HwS)” ?
Fixed! Thanks again!


Added to my browser's bookmarks. Thanks.


asivi wrote:

Added to my browser's bookmarks. Thanks.



This is not where you ask for Help, please make a new topic by pressing the “New Topic” button in the top right.


I suggest to close this topic to avoid spam or questions about issues with scripts.


Could be a good idea to add something like “don't forget to close the topic if solved”
Of course with correct grammar


Well….It depens on what your working on.For more information when creating a project click the Question mark.Here's a animation script:
when green flag clicked
next costume
wait (.1) secs


How did this get reopened? I don't believe it needs to be.


duckboycool wrote:

How did this get reopened? I don't believe it needs to be.
IF people an handle it it'll stay open


Just reopened and 1st off-topic(spam? ignorance?)


This is a great discuss! I will probably go here a few times, and bookmarked!
when this sprite clicked
say [This is great. Thanks!]


I like to make platformers, but I am having trouble making a scrolling platformer. I will do it later though.


Hi I make a game series called robo strike. And the recent semi boss level has causing me a trouble. I wrote

“if Rival = 0 or smaller than 0 stop all”

to my rival's ammo and my rival computer controlled player. And when even its zero it keeps broadcasting battle and move. So it makes me lose when Iv actually made rival lost. I will share it temporarily for yopu guys to check it.


Hey guys try this Code it might just help (USE IT FOR A GAME)
think [] for (2) secs


Hello! My username is Nadya_Odaire, but just call me Nadya. I need some help with ‘my entry for the cutest animal contest’ project. The problem that I am having is that I can't seem to set my sprite's speed. What Lilly (she's a bunny) is supposed to do is hide and show herself really, really fast, because there's a duplicate of her that has her eyes closed and is right underneath her, so it's supposed to look like she's blinking. I can't figure out how to do the link thing.
Thank you in advance for helping me on this project.