Scratch Team, before the last update you were able to search for discussions and tags. Do you think you could reinstate that?
For discussions, it could save a lot of time, rather than search forever for a discussion if it's not on the front 3 page of a forum. For example, if someone wanted to look for a shop to their specific needs, they could search “Art Shop” on discussions tab and would save a lot of browsing on Requests, searching for something for their specific needs.
Also, sometimes, not every aspect of something is covered in the title. But someone might tag it instead. For example, someone is doing a project on baby animals and names it “Baby Animals”. But they tag it “puppies” “kittens” and “babies”. If someone is in the mood for kittens, they could search the tag and find it, but just searching the title will never find it.

Scratch Team, please at least consider my request and I'm sorry if it's redundant to someone else's.


I agree, it makes it more difficult to search for projects and discussions now.


They have a search button on the discussion page but, alas does not work