1. Create a super cool platformer!
2. Make a cool competition with a cool prize for the winner!
3. Make a project with a video when your project plays a game!
4. Do a hunt when the player finds objects and gets a prize if they find them all!
5. Do a cool dress up game with lots of cool clothes to choose from!
6. Make a hillarious animation and try to get it top loved!
7. Make a game based on a game you have played on another website!
8. Make something where you adopt a pet to play with!
9. Make a mini movie!
10. Make a babyish thing based on a nursery rhyme!
11. Make a ‘sign if you love __________________ ’ project!
12. Make a project all about yourself!
13. Make a project that uses ALL the blocks!
14. Make a project that shows some art 100% by you!
15. Make a 100% pen project!
16. Make a project where you make a cupcake!
17. Make a project where the player can draw whatever they want!
18. Make an animation of a well known story/film
19. Copy an episode from a TV show and put it on your project!
20. Make a project with characters from TV e.g. Harry Potter, Elsa


I attempted number 6. Thx for your help.
By the way here is the link to the project




the thing is im a terrible drawer


when green flag clicked
think [Hmm] for (2) secs
broadcast [This is a good list!]


Cool i will try some of them