'print' “scratch is a fun website that anyone can easily get used to, the programming is easy to learn and is fun. however, there are some drawbacks. It is hard to program some things and others are impossible, I am still learning but I am more comfortable with python 3 IDLE when it comes to making complex games. In my opinion there should be both blocks and writing that can be alternated by a button.”
when green flag clicked

say [hello my name is drerer!]


No support, and has been suggested many times for reasons (too lazy to type why XD)
However, I think you might be excited about tosh, a text based editor for scratch(ish) being worked on by blob8108


So… tosh? tosh tosh tosh - tosh

Probably not possible for the ST to add. The ST doesn't have the time to do that.

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No support, tosh


So like an option to edit your code using text? There's tosh, which isn't available yet (unless this is the future), and you could technically download the project and edit the project.json, but support anyways.


Hello! While it is an intriguing suggestion, every time we have debated it among the Scratch Team, we've always came to the same conclusion - it's not a feature that would benefit beginning programmers and it would serve as a distraction for those trying to teach Scratch to them. So, regretfully, this suggestion is rejected.