Mermaids: The Body Found, aired on 27 May 2012 on Animal Planet, is a “documentary” which investigates the theoretical existence of mermaids, the mythological creatures that are half-man and half-sea creature. Its sequel, Mermaids: The New Evidence, aired one year later (26 May 2013). It is about a team of scientists who confiscate a corpse washed up on a beach along with several whales, and confirm the body is that of a mermaid. In support of their research, they have evidence of the creatures in a home video shot by two boys who provoke a mermaid on a beach, and an underwater encounter in a deep-sea research vessel. The show has received over 10.2 million viewers, making it a huge success.

However, it is later revealed that the show and its sequel are entirely faked. The “scientists” are just actors, the mermaid corpse is rubbish, and the evidential amateur video is completely acted out. Their ratings dropped dramatically from there.

So, discuss your thoughts on this. If you watched the show, did you believe in mermaids? After they told it was faked, do you still believe in them?

My standpoint:
I originally believed in mermaids, and just about everything, before watching it. To me, the show really enlightened my belief. But after I learned that it was all a dupe, I crumbled in anger. I couldn't handle the fact that the channel I've always loved and looked up to for truth had created the biggest falsehood of the decade. I wouldn't know whether to believe in mermaids after the earthshaking lie or my firm understanding of anthropology and evolution, so I remain skeptical of their existence until real evidence is presented honestly.


Actually I don't believe it was an intentional scam/falsehood-rather it was supposed to be an interesting mockumentary and they did not expect people to be so stupid as to believe it.

For one thing, the announcement of the discovery of mermaids would probably immediately make the news…not wait around during the filming of an entire documentary and finally get announced at the debut of the show.