I am a native Spanish speaker, born, raised and currently living in Chile, who also happens to be highly fluent in written English (due to having participated in forums, and the such, for more than 6 years by now). I have been using the Scratch program since the 1.2 release, in 2008. Given my first-hand experience with the language, and the software since it's early days (i.e. I know what each block does, so I can give them equally descriptive and fitting names as in the original English strings), translating the Scratch program should be a trivial task for me, and I'm very interested in contributing.

Once the beta is finished and everything is settled down, please let me know what steps I must take to translate the Scratch program. IIRC, I translated some few 1.4 strings in a collaborative translation tool you were using, will the process be similar for 2.0?

Hi technoguyx,

Thanks for offering help with Scratch translation. There're already some translators working on that, but more hands would be appreciated
Please check this ScratchWiki post for more information, and let me know if you have further questions.

Scratch Team
This is for all of the languages.



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How I can help to translate the tips box, FAQ to Russian?


I volunteer for others projects, and work with languages as english, italian, spanish. If you need help send a email. I have exprience with translations for others web as <a href="">Visit our HTML tutorial</a>


For helping with translations, go to