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Reply As Many As You Can!
“Reply As Many As You Can” is a studio where you can reply as many as possible as you can comment! Please be online for about 4 hours! @Bently_IV and @OkazakiStudios is in charge of this studio and other managers, such as @bacon10 are beginners of the manager! Everytime, people have to follow the rules of this studio in the studio! Make sure to say Ready4Reply to be ready for this studio when you finish reading this studio description! @OkazakiStudios made this studio for people who type faster, occaisonally, funniest, type any type, chatting a lot of comments, fun, and etc. I know that’s crazy but there’s a lot more to this studio! Rules are in the studio description. Other stuffs are also in the studio description. I also want the scratch team to join this studio! They will be a manager!

Can you delete curators/managers? No. It’s unfair to privacy and occaisonally, these curators/managers who delete curators/managers will be permenantly banned on this studio.
Can you add projects in this studio? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It’s occaisonally both because if you add any project not related to this studio, the managers will delete it. But if it is related to this studio and if it’s a project, then we don’t have to delete it at all.
Can you really spam? Again, it’s occaisionally both. Because if people spam friendly, it’s ok but not if they spam unfriendly. If spam unfriendly, then we would need to report or delete that comment.
Could you tell me about why not to swear? Swearing is awful, people can die by risk of swearing. So please don’t swear! Be kind to people, don’t make them die!
How can I be a manager? By doing things right… Or if it’s my best old friend/follower… Or if you ask politely.
Can we comment off topic? Yes… Just reply as many as you can! OFF TOPIC or whatever it is about…

FAQs That Is Most Frequently Asked
Is Anyone On? - @PixelDude123 Most of the time… Sometimes not… Many times yes… Ok?

Have fun at Reply As Many As You Can! :D