ON NOES! I MISSED CHUCK NORRIS' BIRTHDAY! D: How old is that guy, anyways? o.o""

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Lol Sargie, I think you're right. I think we're crazy. It's all cool tho, crazy people are the BEST people. :)
So yeah, yesterday was Chuck Norris' birthday and all.. and I missed it.. so yup. D: I didn't figure out until today.
And yes, to answer your question, I really do have a random blonde streak i my hair. Well, it's more then a streak. it's a section of my hair. And no, that wans't me being sarcastic. I really, honestly do. Sometimes I dye it random colors. (it's currently purple) x3 And no, it's not natural. Lol.
I seem to get upset (not really, just sort of bummed out, I guess lol) over random things. Like I always for some reason miss Groundhog day. Which makes me sad because I used to always print out pictures of groundhogs with Ak-47's and give them to my friends and post them in weird places around school and write things like "groundhog ish watching chu..". Yeah, I'm just cool like that. :) You know it.

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