Pokemon Silver™

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Please try my newest game, found here: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/TheSaint/1514513

Welcome to the Ultimate game, Pokemon Silver. Enshrined just for you, I have replicated much of the engine and some of the story.

Arrow keys to move the hero. If a speech bubble does leave after 4 seconds, you must either click it, or click on the pokeball of your choice, when you get there. In battles, it all clicky, so use your mouse wisely. Also, there is no back button on attacks, so beware. One last thing. As of now, the Pokemon center is a death trap, so don't go there.

Be welcome to 11 types of pokemon, Over 12 attacks, a trainer battle, items, and over 228 scripts of more fun.

This project has been in motion since June 09, or about 6 months ago. While I havn't worked on it the entire time, it has taken many, many hours to complete it.

For those looking to remix, I give you warning: I woulnd't. Not that I don't want you to, its just that I can't decipher the script anymore, and I doubt you could either. But you are welcome to try.

Please enjoy this game, as I worked hard to bring it to you. I appreciate love-its as well.

Thanks to all the people at Spriters resource who ripped the artwork used in my project. http://www.spriters-resource.com/gameboy/pokegs/index.html

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