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Welcome to Air - a highly realistic platformer.


Air was 11 top veiwed, then, when we got our 14th love it, it disappeared off top viewed, can anyone explain this? We were gonna knock art projects off front page...


Current highscores :
Wins: Mathwizz
Sam m j

Dedication (15 days+ trying to get a win)
Mnwild (1 month)


100th veiw - Goldenwolf.

10th love-it - math wizz

50th love-it : Sammaster321


Please check out the "Air 2 music!" project I have made, you decide the music in Air 2!


I am sorry to say that Air does not function properly offline (a few glitches). Therefore, i have stripped the scripts down to a minimum to allow you to play online! I would like to say one thing before you learn about the game itself - use glithces to your advantage! Please post all things that you think are glitches, but don't feel annoyed if its not changed, it could be there deliberately! Remember, the level name should help you with the game, but some of them may be riddles!


I would first like to say thank you to FunnyGamesCreator for some of the sprites (the buttons and the player) and the idea of making a platformer! His game Gravity 1 also gave me the idea of the data part of my game. Also, thanks to Harrypotter345 for the lightning bolts =) Thanks also to itchyone for the movement!


Now then, one of the main features of "Air" is - its hard. Also, it features a data feature, which memorises which level your on so that if you return to the menu (by pressing space, not the flag) it will remember which level you were on. The aim of the game is to progress through all 10 levels.


The instructions are in game but are also here!

Move left - left arrow key

Move right - right arrow key

Jump - Up arrow key

Return to menu - Space key.

If you want to return to the first level, simply press the "Erase data" button on the menu.


I have said everything, please post a comment, and alert me to any glithces (All levels can be completed, don't post that, but please do post what level you got to, it'll help me with Air 2!)

Thank you for viewing (and playing hopefully) Air.

If you liked it, dont forget to love it and favourite it!


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