Droid Army (done)

remixed by Axeblade
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Notes and Credits (added by Axeblade)

Left and Right arrow keys to run.
Up arrow key to jump.
Spacebar to attack.
Hold down arrow key to block.
B key to force push.
The lightsaber on the bottom shows how much energy you have. Jumping and using the force use up energy. It grows over time. Your life is your HP, you start with 10 and die when you reach 0. Click the music note to switch the music on and off. A and S keys change volume. Click the dust pan and broom to clear debris.

High score: JRL got 225! Good job!

Credits: "http://SDB.NEUROPOD.net
please give credit if used- The Health pack, leader board, HP sign, lightsaber, volume slider, background and all programming are property of Axeblade and may not be used by any one without explicit permission

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