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This cat knows a lot of tricks!

Hold the mouse over the MENU block and Click on the trick you want the cat to perform and then click where you want it to do it.

Just like a real cat, this one sometimes ignores your commands. It will listen to you best when it is lying down, waving its tail at you.

If you don't move the mouse for 10 seconds, or so the cat will start to do random tricks on its own. Actually, quite entertaining!

Now the cat can travel! You can change the background using the Up Arrow key.

My thanks to MyRedNeptune for the original artwork on the cat. I think it is a beautiful feline! Any errors in the artwork are probably my own as I made some minor changes here and there.

This is a project is for my wife who has actually trained our cats to do tricks:

For fun, you can have the cat draw a line as it moves using the following keys:
1 - Pen Down
2 - Pen Up
Space - Clear

Innovative features: The cat uses Bezier curves for the jump trajectory. The self-performing feature after an idle period I belive is original. I also have some logic on the large rock to move it in front or in back of the cat, depending on where the cat is on the Y axis. Lastly, I have the cat change size depending on position on the Y axis to simulate perspective.

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