Andromeda: A Space Epic!

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GENERAL: This is the final version of Andromeda: A Space Epic! Created by Austin Spiegel, Calvin Lo, and Thomas Newcombe. You have landed on an unknown planet and have lost your crew. Go look for them and regroup to find out more! A tutorial in the beginning will tell you how to play (check the red box). Thanks for trying!

GLITCH NOTE: There may appear to be some glitches but these are most likely caused by Java. Download the game to Scratch and play it there for the best experience.

DEVELOPER NOTE: You can walkthrough the city on the city level. Sadly we did not have enough time to code for you to bounce off the walls of the buildings. We also did not have enought time to code for the aliens to bounce off each other, you, and the crew member you are rescuing. You can also shoot the crew member without any damage done to him. Stay close to the crew member you are protecting though, because after you kill a certain amount of aliens (unspecified), you can meet up (touch) your crew member and he will give you a weapon and help you proceed to the next level.

Thanks Again!


The Andromeda Dev Team

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