"3-D" generator demo

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This Project Generates a "3-D" image from information in a list, based off of the engine originally from Big-Bang...
click "Test view" to view it, and click "Editor" to stop.
you have to download currently and use code to change the image, works best in turbo speed.
here is how to code:
[>'s are not part of commands, and #(name)'s are replaced by numeric values. [!Note: ]'s are notes. in command names, Case Counts.]

YLevel - to start a new "Y Level" of verticalness
>Object - draws an Object with the 6 following values, in order:
>>#(Size) - the size out of 100
>>#(reldirection) - the relative direction of it
>>#(relx) - the relative X (in a skewed view also)
>>#(rely) - the relative Y (see above)
>>#(color) - the color of the object
>>#(brightness) - the brightness of the object
>[!Note: you can have multiple consequent objects without ending commands]
>/YLevel - End all YLevel's with a /YLevel command, including before starting another one and right before ending the whole thing.
/END - needed at the end of all lists. anything after this will be disregarded.

Download it and change it around. if you see any glitches (other than it being too slow) then tell me I have been too lazy to try to create a really big picture, and I might try to make it easier to edit later without having to code.

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