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Notes and Credits (added by Maki-Tak)

Welcome to the 'Add a sprite' project! You have your own apartment for free and it's time to fill it up! Here you can make a remix of this, and fill it with furniture! The rules to this project are:


No editing or using or deleting anything that is not yours.
Press number keys 1 to 9 to find more rooms.

1. Create your sprite!

2. Put your name on top of your furniture.

3. Share!


1. You can put as many sprites in here as you want. But be sensible! (like don't put a hundred forty-seven sprites in here, for example).

2. Only one sprite per square.

3. Animations are allowed in here, but you need to show the sprite in it's animation, not just standing still in one costume.

4. People are welcome to use the sprites in here.

~Jonathanpb~ ~LuckyCharms~ ~Maki-Tak~

*Update* I got a speaker and now I can play music in the project!Also, I added more rooms. Press 1-9 to change rooms. Yay!-Maki-Tak

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