Basic Coloring Program

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This is a very simple coloring program. You click the color and shape you want, and move the mouse over the screen to draw. The up and down arrows change the pen size. "Clear" clears what you've drawn. "Reset All" clears what you've drawn and resets the pen to its original size, shape and color. The eraser erases and its size can be changed, but not its shape. To return to drawing, you must click a pen shape, then a color. If you click just a color, you'll get an "eraser" in that color -- a pastel version of it. If you click red, it goes back to a white eraser again.
-The abovementioned issue with the eraser.
-I can't get it to draw only when you're holding down the mouse button -- in this version, it draws constantly.
If anyone knows how to fix these problems, please let me know. Also, please tell me if the colors come out funny -- there's been some trouble with this.

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