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Ok, so I've been looking up creepypasta, and I've found a SUPER annoying series called "Pastamonsters". Not only does it ruin the creepypastas we all know and love/hate, but it also provides a VERY annoying misconception: That some of the OCs in the series are creepypasta, too. Well, they aren't.

You see, I frequently see creepypasta art containing Grinny, an OC made by xcomickittyx, the creator of the series. He is a cat that was tested on and turned into his freaky, murderous, half-hairless self. However, he also wants to kill Smiledog and Jeff so he can have Jeff's "girlfriend" Miss P, another annoying OC, all to himself. This not only ticks me off for multiple reasons, but he is NOT A REAL PASTA. Many fans belive that he is "the smiling cat", however, he is NOT.

I just thought I'd spread the word about this annoying OC mockery of Smiledog. So if you plan to make creepypasta art and see this little demonseed, DON'T ADD HIM IN.

A message from The ORIGINAL smiling cat:

Stinkin' imposters... There's no such thing as Smilecat.jpg... There's only me... I'm going to give a visit to that girl who makes "pastamonsters" tonight.... heheheh...

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