3's Meme (Flower, Smokey Joe, and Tiger)

remixed by kittyheart
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Please remix and if you can: change the lineart. be sure to give crdit if you do not redo the lineart. :D thank you.

the grey tom with stripes is smokey joe and he is my cat. The black tom with stripes it tiger, my friend cindy's cat, and the black and white she-cat is my cat flower. when cindy sent me a pic of tiger i came up with this idea that both tiger and smokey joe were in love with flower and that created somesort of conflict. XD when i found this i thought it was the perfect thing to illustraute that confict. XD there are all real cats. TIGER WAS JUST STANDING OVER FLOWER IN THAT OTHER PIC! NOTHING DIRTY SO GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER!!! at least that's what Evierules13 said. :P

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