Blob Tower Defense Update Pack!!!

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Basically, the idea of this game is to protect yourself from the waves of blobs coming. There are currently 23 towers and 35 - 70 levels, (Depending on what track you're on) but I hope to make more as time progresses. If you like tower defense games, please give this a try!

Space - View more towers.
S key - Starts round (If round isn't started already).
K Key - Saves progress!!! (If not doing level)
U and 1 Key - (If upgrade is showing) Will automatically upgrade left side of selected tower. (Only works for 1st upgrade)
U and 2 Key - (If upgrade is showing) Will automatically upgrade range for selected tower.
D Key - Hides upgrade and range
V Key - Sets volume to normal amount
M Key - Mutes volume
G Key - If store is on second costume, will buy "Weak Tarnished Salt"
H key - If store is on second costume, will buy "Strong Tarnished Salt"
(I might make more in the future)None

Notes and Credits (added by Kenichi10B)

Have a cool track or mission idea? Just shoot a comment and I'll see about putting it in!

Credit to Hardmath123 and Naivia for better music for my game!! Credit to curiouscrab for some debugging and blob creator idea.

New bunch of extra updates! Some glitches fixed, back button, even a new tower, but you have to get to Rank 8 to use it. Last, but not least, a new track, dedicated to Doodlebob5. If you like it, thank him!

Now with Target Priorities! You can select to attack first, last, strong, or weak! More coming in the future!!! You can also create your OWN blob types with the blob-type creator!!!

1. Special little features for getting to certain ranks! If you want to see them, get to the appropriate rank! Check out the 'Special Store' as well! (Need to achieve certain rank to buy certain things)

2. Track editor now allows for multiple-pathed tracks (Hmm... more interesting tracks...)

3. If you can't understand the Editor's questions, just tell me what you want, and I'll create it for you. Tracks created for you will be credited in the info for the track.

4. Remixing is welcome, and recommended! Feel free to use the various editors, create things, and post it as your own game (Give me credit in the project notes though).

'New' features:
10 save slots, difficulty levels, level editor (have to complete a difficulty level on any track to unlock), track editor to make YOUR OWN TRACKS! (Must be offline to do), missions, mission creator to MAKE YOUR OWN MISSIONS! (Must be offline to do), extra tracks (Now 11 tracks!), Extras menu, Ranking system, Invincible mode (Sandbox mode), Info bar, and ability to click on blobs to get info on them!! Many new features in this ‘all-new’ edition!!

I know everyone wanted a Tower Defense game (From the Vote! Project), so I made a tower defense game. It's already good, but, well, good gets better over time!

*If you find any glitches, please report them to me.

Thanks for all your support and favoriting of the project! 70 levels now for all your support!

You can have:
8 Laser Towers
5 Missile Towers
1 Destroyer
4 Upgraded Laser Towers
1 Distracters
2 Leadinators
2 Incinerators
1 Special "Laser Tower"
1 Special "Destroyer"
1 Special “Upgraded Missile Tower"
1 Special "Leadinator"
1 Special "Super Striker"
1 Special "Super Striker"
2 Super Strikers
3 Upgraded Missile Towers
5 Weak Tarnished Salt mounds
2 Strong Tarnished Salt mounds
5 Money Generators
1 Eradicator
1 Money Generator Special
1 Missile Tower Special
1 Ultra-Leader (Leadinator Special Special)
1 Culmultive Striker

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