Brony Meme

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Remix and fill out this project, my brony and pegasister army! Press space to go to the next slide, and press M to change the music.

Bonus activity: Each slide (except for the title) is based off of a character's color scheme. Try to guess every one!!!

WOOHOO!!! Front-paged/what the community is remixing 4/9/2012!!! Woohoo!! April 9, 2012!!!!!! *explodes*


Alright guys, I'm starting to lose my patience. People keep telling me the same thing over and over again. I mean, once is an acceptable mistake, but TWICE? Really? Anyways, people keep telling me this: "YOU SPELLED 'MAIN' WRONG." No I didn't It's a pun. As in a horse's or pony's mane. Get it? That's pretty much the official term for the six main characters in MLP:FIM. ALRIGHT? Okay. Gah. If anyone tells me that again, their comment will be deleted. ...... Why do I freak out over the dumbest little things? XD

Also, another thing. STOP TELLING ME THAT DIAZMOND USED A POUND SIGN. I KNOW! I KNOW WHAT ENGLISH MONEY IS! IT WAS A JOKE. You'd be able to tell it was a joke by looking at his previous comment about me spelling "main" like "mane." GAH! I'm not that stupid. How can you spell a symbol wrong, anyways? GOSH. I CAN'T MAKE A JOKE HERE.

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