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The RPG Game

The Game sued by the flash player had some problems at the time of posting so I ask everyone to understand that while he rode in the flash super fast, the game was not made ​​to run at that speed so I modified some scripts on certain versions. MOST RECOMMENDED THAT PLAY NO COMPUTER is because the Java version can barely process it supports. 've done several tests on the PC and it worked properly even though it was kinda slow. Thank you for understanding.

since it is a RPG game like any other, it has a story behind that can be read within the game.

Basic Controls:
Mouse to atack and running
Space for Play game and revive.

For Help You:
Has a bar to open the game and just get it with the mouse at the bottom of the screen and will have some options. I did one of these options a quick tutorial RPG since it is often tricky.

Well Finally:
A simple game until where you can explore a world, to fight against monsters, level up and spend your points with damage, life and speed, Talk to the blacksmith and buy equipment for low, medium or high class. In the end I hope you enjoy. Sorry if you have something wrong, criticize and talk to me about what they liked or did not want to praise, I will not punish your way of thinking. Thank you all for supporting Friends!

And good luck on the adventure in the new world = D

Credit to FacOs:

drawings by FaceOs,
Animation by FaceOs,
But some colouring in by me!

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