Destroy the Gunships

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To move, use your arrow keys. To go forward, press the right arrow key, to go backward use the left arrow. Move up by pressing the up arrow, and down with the down! To fire a bullet, simply press the “SPACE” key on your keyboard!

Using Items

You only have one item that you can purchase and then use at will. This item is the sonic boom! What is the sonic boom? Well, it is a massive and long lasting explosion that will earn you the regular rewards for getting the kills that you do. This allows you some time to defeat enemies and purchase your health and more sonic booms. You may only equip three at a time, and only purchase one per round! These are purchased using the “INFO’ tab at the bottom right of your screen! Click that, then click on the number (assuming that you have $500) to purchase another. Use them by simply pressing the “X” on your keyboard!


There are many upgrades ranging from weapon, to speed, to downgrading enemies! These are all found in the store menus. These upgrades and descriptions will be listed below!

CHEAT: you cannot buy this, you can only click the button and enter the cheats, and the god mode cheat is currently downed because of the new health system!

PURCHASE HEALTH: click this to purchase health. The cost for this item is dependent on your current health situation!

MORE FUEL CAP: this extends your maximum fuel capacity by 2500 and fills your fuel to that level!

*FUEL TANK*: to use this, click it, it will restore lost fuel reserves! The cost varies based on your firepower, speed and your amount of current fuel!

SLOWER ENEMIES: this changes your enemies speed by -1 variable! This generates one less step per movement for your enemies! You can only purchase this once per level!

Your fuel starts very high and decreases very low. The speed begins at such a low rate of decrease so you are able to purchase your required (indirect term use) store items! We will increase the decrease speed for fuel to increase the challenge soon!

Your level is a set variable that increases based on kills… We are discussing the use of Experience points per kill, but we enjoy the kills per level idea. Your KPL, or Kills Per Level, increases every time you level up, making your level earning increasingly difficult. You will also earn rewards per level up… meaning that you will get a new permanent power-up every five levels starting at level 10. We are adding new perks per level for this reason! This also means more upcoming upgrades! Plus, we are adding a money-up power-up for leveling-up system. Meaning: you will get money every time you level up!


You earn money every kill, this amount of money (that you earn per kill) varies per amount of power and speed *upgrades*, your level, and the enemies speed and power. The biggest effects on your earnings and rewards are your power and guns *upgrades*. You need certain amounts of money in order to purchase your store items!


Your health goes down if you either get hit or are touching another ship, or if you are touching the edge of the playground!

Future Patches

The following are planned patches and updates:

- Health System Upgrades
- Health System Updates
- Money Updates
- Enemy Upgrades
- Enemy Shooting
- Enemy Power
- Different Looks
- 3D Looks (without glasses)
- More Upgrades
- More Tabs
- Quicker Decrease in Fuel
- Money Additions to Level Ups
- Achievement System
- More Major Upgrades for Screen Stick
- More Friend Pilots
And more…

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