Blok Dodger

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Dodge the blocks in this frantic game!
I will make much more levels so watch out for any future releases by looking at the release number:


Level Hints:

1: *
Wait until the blue dots move away from the middle and then go through.

2: **
Get your timing right so the moving dot at the right is at the top when you are too.

3: *
Look for the spots where no blue dots go.

4: **
Stay at the bottom of the level as it is much easier at the bottom.

5: ***
Just stay alive!

6: *
When the time is right, make a diagonal dash from the start to the finish.

7: ***
The blue dots do not travel to some of the corners and sides of the level, so use those spots if nessecary. Otherwise just stay alive!

8: ***
As soon as the level starts, rush as fast as you can to the finish.

9: ***
Make sure you don't get trapped at the top when the blue shape pattern restarts. Other than that just get to the finish.

10: ****
Try to remember the pattern to where you need to go. It helps.


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