Mikkiville V1.2

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Part of SOScratch's restoration project.
ADOPT your own Mikki! (Mikki is a creature I made up - it's NOT real. I just made it for fun (: )

All I added was an arcade game - it's not a great game but I will be making more soon! And also more places to go to.

First listen to the Mikki talking and click anywhere to continue. When she asks you to adopt say "YES" (You can also say no if you want)

When you start creating your character, click the "RANDOMIZE!" button to change the name. The names are kinda funny actually because I put two different sprites, one with some adjectives (as costumes) and one with some nouns, and randomized their costumes, so your name will be like "Fluffy Seahorse" or "Cuddly Angel". (There's more of course.

Click on different parts of the Mikki to change it. Once you are satisfied with your Mikki's looks, you can click "ADOPT" and you will have your Mikki! (Sorry there aren't really any guy hairstyles.)

EXPLORE Mikkiville, and spend your M-coins! (MikkiCoins)

BUY things at the shops, like hairstyles, food, and others! (Spoiling your Mikki will make it happy! (: )

Spend and earn M-coins. If you buy stuff for your Mikki, it will be happier :)
Earning M-coins - There are different ways to earn m-coins:
- Winning games - not yet available
- Winning races (Mikki Racers - not yet available)

It's easy to make your Mikki happy - buying things for it. But it can get sadder if you lose games or a race. If it gets hungry, it will be unhappy too. (You can see if it is sad or happy by looking at its face)

Your Mikki may get hungry once in a while (remember to check your stats!) so you will have to go to the food court to feed it. If you choose a food that is too filling and you Mikki is not hungry enough to eat it, she will refuse it. If you don't feed it until the bar is the lowest (most is red) then GAME OVER. So remember to feed it well!


Using your mouse as a control, catch the apples in the basket. Catch all 20 and score 15 m-coins!
This game may be slow on slow computers.

This may work slow online, but if you want it faster, you can download it.



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