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Press space to see some of my art (Some of the characters are not mine because they were for art trades)

Song: Love is War
Artist (C): Hatsune Miku
Language: Japanese

I am Digilol.
The weirdest artist you will ever meet.
Don't argue.

You may call me Rosie-Chan, as some people already know me, or Digi-Chan.

I am not new to Scratch. My old username was rose99, and I got bored of it, so I moved.

I hope to impress those who don't know me. I shall post more projects soon.

Oh, wait! Some things about me...

Age: 12
Personality: I'm sort of bipolar, but I can be hyper, sympathetic, depressed, dark-thinking, dirty-minded, sort a of a bi personality too, all put into one person: me c:
Hobbies: Drawing, RPing, writing, watching TV, etc.
Family: Parents are still married, have 2 sisters.
❒ Taken
❒ Single
✔ Forever alone

And now for my favorites...

Favorite colour: Red
Favorite song: ... I like a lot of songs.
Favorite band: Vocaloid
Favorite Genre of music: HEAVY METAL AND J-ROCK !!
Favorite animes: Tokyo Mew Mew and Ouran High School Host Club
Favorite food: CHOCOLATE
Favorite un-anime show: My Little Pony
Favorite MLP Character(s): Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbowdash .
Favorite websites: Scratch and deviantART

I LOVE manga/anime. I am a total otaku (an extreme manga/anime fan). I aspire to become a magaka (a manga/anime artist). I still have a little ways to go, but I'm still 12. Cut me some slack.

The way I can (sort of) draw is: I draw A LOT. You have to draw almost daily.

You can also email me and find me on dA. I am Bananakinz on dA, and my email is rexichan13 @gmail.com.

Thank you all so much~!


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