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Thanks for clicking on this! I am getting ready for my biggist project so far, but I am going to need help. Right now, I am recruiting for my sort of 'animating studio', right on scratch! It will be called SCRATCHER ANIMATIONS, and it will be a group of scratchers who work together to create high-quality animations!

I will need different people to take different jobs. The jobs are Animator, Designer, Director, and Advertiser. The animator is the person who animates the video: They piece together the scripts, erase the white outlines on the sprites, stuff like that. If you are good with animating 3-D objects, or any kind of objects for that matter, this could be a good job for you.

The Designer designes the 'props' or the sprites for the video. Sprites do not necisscarily need to be made on a big fancy animating program. Good enough drawers/shaders could do a decent sprite right on scratch. If you enjoy drawing/designing, especially 3-D objects, this is the job for you.

Directors are kind of like the leaders of the video. They review the content, to make sure that it is of the correct quality, correct scripting, and correct animating speeds, things like that. I will need les directors than any other job, maybe 3 lucky volunteers will get the job.

The Advertiser job is fairly self-explanitory. The advertiser (or advertisers,) goes around scratch, advertising the project. Advertising is different than spamming. Advertisers must only post advertisements if the programmer of the project gives them the 'okay'. Advertisers will also post links in the show and tell forum, add the projects to multiple galleries, stuff like that. We can never have to many advertisers, so if you want it, the job is yours!

Do you fit in one of these categories? If you are interested, just leave a comment. This is not, I repeat NOT a commitment. Unless you are a director, feel free to drop out at any time. This is a fun experiment, and I hope I can find some scratchers to work with in the next couple days!



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