Scratch Catch 2

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Welcome to Scratch Catch 2, the epic sequel to the original. The objective is the same as in the original--smash as many targets as you can before dropping the ball!

Left and right arrow keys: move left and right
Up and down arrow keys: adjust paddle angle
Space bar: select mode (on main menu)

Bounce the ball using the paddle to smash targets! Don't let the ball drop, or it's game over.
There are two game modes:
• Classic: The game ends when you drop the ball.
• Challenge: If you run out of bounces, your paddle disappears, resulting in a game over! You start with 20 bounces. You lose one each time the ball hits the paddle. You gain one bounce for each target you smash, three bounces for each item box you smash, and five bounces for each Super Target you smash (these have the words "Bounces +5" written on them).

For every ten targets you smash, an item box appears. Smash the item box to get an item. The duration of each item is ten seconds.
• Ball with arrows around it: Allows you to control the ball with the arrow keys.
• Ball and paddle with line in center: Snaps the ball's X position to the paddle.
• Small and large targets: Makes the targets larger and thus easier to hit.
• x2: Two points are earned for each target smashed.
• Bouncing ball: If the ball touches the bottom of the screen, it simply bounces rather than ending the game.
Keep an eye on the item timer! Make sure you're ready when the item's effect ends!

These don't affect gameplay at all, but there's some gray text under the title logo that changes each time you start the game. It's called a "splash" (like those in Minecraft) and most of them are inside jokes. ;D

Remember to LOVE IT! I worked quite hard on this! :D

-Version History-
v2.7.3: Fixed bug where items are still active even if you die.

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