The Light.

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Silver padded along the garden plants, their leaves and flowers shaking as she bruskhed them. Six moons old, her silver-with-gray-stripes coat glimmered in the porchlight. Her blue eyes scanned the fence for any way up. A gibbus moon hung in the sky.
Deciding to jump, Silver took a rest break to lick her paw on the top of the fence and then jumped down on the other side. She stared into the forest, welcoming her in. Little did she know, a reddish tom was watching from the bushes.
Suddenly, a bright yellow light shone in Silver's eyes. It knocked her back. She glared into the blinding light and thought she saw something... a cat, perhaps?
But the bell on her purple collar jangled, and the light disappeared. Yearning to see more in the light and frustrated at her collar for shattering it, she turned towards the forest again. But she saw something lurking in the bushes. What was it? A mouse? But it looked too reddish. Was it a squirrel?
"Rawwr!" The creature, whatever it was, jumped out and landed on Silver. It was a cat all along! He was reddish, his paws black and his eyes green. He licked a paw lightly.
"Who are you?" Silver's claws were unsheathed. She was uncomfortable with this cat.
"Me?" the stranger asked.
"Yeah, you," Silver growled.
"I'm Foxpaw. Who are you?"
*Foxpaw?* Silver thought. *Weird name.* "Silver," she murmured.
"What-er?" Foxpaw asked.
"SILVer," Silver snapped. "And you better remember."
"Okay. Well, you might want to get going, Silver, 'cause a few more cats from my Clan are coming," Foxpaw informed Silver.
"Clan? Like the wild forest Clans my mother always told me about?" Silver perked up. She wondered if they let in outsiders.
"Yeah. ThornClan. NOW SCRAM!"
"No." Silver wanted to stay for these cats.
A majestic golden she-cat strode into the clearing, her black spots spread across her fur like a bit of mud splattered on her. Followed by her was a dark gray tom, with his green eyes scanning the area, and a black she-cat with white feet. They all stared at Silver with interest.
Then, the three exchanged glances and nodded at one another. The golden she-cat stepped forward. She set her amber gaze on Silver. "My name is Leopardstar, and I am the leader of ThornClan." She nodded to the gray tom.
The tom's emerald gaze seemed to light the entire clearing as he spoke. "My name is Stormgaze. I am a senior warrior of ThornClan."
The black she-cat spoke last. Her paws struck the night like lightning and her eyes were as yellow as the light Silver had experienced. "My name is Snowfoot. Greetings."
"Foxpaw told me you are part of a Clan," Silver said. "Can I perhaps join it?"

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