SpongeBob SquarePants Episode Creator 1.1

remixed by NickyNouse
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Want resizing? Here's your chance! Try version 2.0! http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/NickyNouse/2227982

This is a remix of my previous SB episode creator, with some updates.


Click the "Change BG" button to change the background. Each background comes with background music. This is APM music, and was played at some point during the series.

To insert a character, drag it from the top-right box. It will become larger once it stops touching the box.

To insert diolouge, press the "+" button. Then, a black dot will track your cursor. Click anywhere on the canvas to pick where your line goes, and then type the line. Up to 5 can be inserted.

To resize a character or make him or her do something, Click the "Edit a Character" button. Then, click on the character you want to change. This will open the character editor menu. To change the character's action, keep pressing it 'til you've found the action you prefer. To stop their action, click "Stop character action." To resize the character, move the "Character size" slider until you've found your fit. Half-way through the slider will be the images' original size, so if you don't like the pixelation stay below that. When you're done with the editor, click "Done."


Don't be suprised that SpongeBob and Sandy can only be set to one action, these were the only animations of them I salvaged after the Monopoly game I got these from was deleted from my system.

By the way, I think it would be pretty amazing if someone remixed this to add a "timeline" type thing; I would do it, but the code is WAY too complex already.


- We've now got SANDY! She works like all the other characters, but, like SpongeBob, only has one possible action.

- Now has a character resizer. Yes, I know I asked you all to do it, but I've really had nothing to do for a few days, so... here you go.

- I've also fixed the weirdness with the talk bubbles. I don't know what I was thinking when I coded them originally, but you can now insert up to 5 with ease.


- I think I've mostly got the slider working, but it might be sticky occasionally. Yes, I realize I could've used a Scratch slider, but this is more fun.

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