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As SPEL-L5 is taking a while to complete, I put together a small minigame project. Have fun!

Use left and right to move left and right, and up to jump. The aim is to collect as many pixels as possible (the pixels being the small rotating square-like things) in the time limit and without touching the edges.

Those of you who like the Call of Duty Series will recognise the countdown font.

Song: Division - Ephixa

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©DavisIndustries 2011

Bug Fixes and Updates (v1.01):
+Title Screen font looks nicer.
+You now only have four minutes on the clock instead of five.
+Intensified gravity to add more challenge.
+Made the player move left and right slightly faster.
*Until now you couldn't actually play the game. Now you can.
*It is now much easier to catch the pixels once you get past the 150 point mark.

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