Stop Puppy Mills

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If you dont you're just mean!!!

I hate humans for what we have done to our fellow beings. Humans are not above other animals. They are lower, lower than dirt, for their ignorance. Those who see other's lives as money have no hearts. They should be put through the things these dogs are every day, see how they like that. Stop animal abuse. It is beyond nt right. It is deeply, deeply wrong.

ALL ANIMAL ABUSE IS MEAN PEOPLE, EVEN STEPPING ON BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THINK ABOUT THE ANIMALS U EAT, DID THEY HAVE A GOOD LIFE??? (no, i am not a vegtarian, just a person who is strongly agest all types of aniaml abuse.)
-the message in caps was brought 2 u by wwg
*PLEASE HELP THE LITTLE PUPPIES!!!! THEY R LITTLE AND CUTE AND GONNA DIE WITHOUT HELP!!! HELP THEM!!!! SIGN THIS!!!! PLEASE!!!!!* ~the messages in *'s were brought to chu by Umbreon101. *so.... HELP THEM!!!! DONT JUST SIT THERE!!!!!*(BTW, the original 1 glitched.)
webgal15: FOR SASHA! Sasha . . . the heartless fools that made you live in fear . . . THEY MUST DIE!

XX11games: Once I saw a dying puppy. She was onle 3 months old. She died becausesha was kept in a puppy mill. When I saw this project, I saw it as a chance to get revenge. I lost a loved one to abuse. Help us, please.

Bag_3: What do innocent puppies do to harm us? Nothing! So we should do nothing to harm them! There are plenty of non-harmful ways to get money!
Coolottergirl1-Every time you buy a puppy from a puppy farm/mill y are encouraging the mean, inhumane people who run them to do it again, and to keep forcing the dogs to breed

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